Sunday, December 21, 2008

Being Green on a Budget ~FREECYCLE~

So as you already know I don't have any great problem with prefolds, pins and pull up covers for cloth diapering, but I was really wanting some of the easier kinds for getting my husband on board. However, at the time they were just too expensive for us, especially to buy a whole set.

Then I remembered freecycle and figured what did it hurt to ask?

So I posted-

Wanted: Baby Cloth Diapers &/or Covers Any Size, Any Condition that's still usable (I can fix most minor wear & tear) of baby cloth diapers &/or covers. Any Kind, Any design/colors, Any Size.

Thank you.

One very awesome freecycler had a whole bag of assorted cloth diaper covers, inserts and pinless cloth diapers. I washed them and destained them, and they were good to go.

When you are on a budget, freecycle is one of your greatest assets and it is an oh- so green practice at the same time. You've got all three Rs. The person giving is Recycling, the person taking Reusing and both of you are Reducing demand for new products. Talk about a win/win/win!


Stain Tip: Hydrogen Peroxide is a great stain remover for most anything. Make sure to test color fastness on colors. For inserts and prefolds a soak in vinegar and a quick wash in baking soda in cold water (heat will set stains in farther) then pooring hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain is a match for any poop stain, no matter how set in. You best option is the sun, but lacking that, this is a great and effective alternative

Freecycle Tip: Sign up with yahoo mail or some other free provider for you freecycle account, or use an extra account if you have an email service. Freecycle is a message group that messages through email, so you will get a lot of freecycle email with all the offers, taken and want messages, it's best to have an account for freecycle only.

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