Saturday, December 20, 2008

Eco cleaning on a budget

I make most the products my family uses on a regular basis for cleaning from Vinegar, Essential Oils, Baking Soda, Citrus Acid, Washing Soda, Castile Soap (made from sratch from oils, liquids and lye), Lemon Juice, Oils and Hydrogen Peroxide.

Here is a basic general cleaner/disinfectant recipe I use:

I mix it up and store it in a normal spray bottle that is 24fl oz

I put 8-12 drops of tea tree oil in 12oz of white vinegar and mix that with about 10oz of water and 1-2 oz of lemon juice, I use both lemon juice and tea tree oil for most stuff both for scent and for the anti-bacterial properties they both have and the fact that lemon juice is a great deodorizer.

The original recipe for this 'citrus vinegar' disinfectant solution said to take lemon, orange, lime or grapefruit rinds and let them soak in a jar of white vinegar for a few weeks I am planning on doing this once we get moved, for now I just cheat and use lemon juice. ;-)

I really don't know what the shelf life is for the solution, but I know that normal vinegar has a shelf life of a couple years or something rediculously long even opened. I've never had a problem with it 'going bad' though.

Tip: Vinegar is a great deoderizer for just about anything, just be wary of using it on clothes/diapers with stretchy parts, it can ruin the stretch, but almost anything else is fair game.

I'll post a recipe or two every few posts for different cleaning/personal care products.

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