Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thrift, Clearance & 2nd Hand Clothes

I never buy clothes at full price, and rarely buy children's clothes new.

The other day we bought our son some much needed 24 month outfits (he's almost 14 months but growing ridiculously fast) 2 of our local second hand stores and thrift stores had major clearance and 50%-75% off clearance, so we thought it would be a good day to shop.

We bought 5 shirts, 4 overalls, 1 pair of shorts, and 2 diaper swimming trunks/shorts and only spent $9 before tax about $10 after tax. FOR EVERYTHING!!! Everything was either $1 or 50¢ after the sale. Listen to this though, this is what is really awesome- 2 of the overalls were from Oshkosh with tags still on originally priced $24.95, and both swim trunks still had tags on originally priced $18.95 and $19.99, and one shirt originally $24.95. The others didn't have tags anymore, but are still in 'like new' shape.

So we just saved major mullah. Which is awesome when you are on a budget! Just from those that i know the original prices for well over $100 saved and we reduced demand and kept money in our local economy for a bit longer. Frugal and green ;-)

For my husband and I it can be a little more tricky. We still shop the racks at goodwill, salvation army and a couple second hand stores in town, but it is very hit and miss if we find anything in our size, style and in good condition. Still when we do is great and much cheaper then almost anywhere else.

Here is something I have learned that some of you may say is not so, but when shopping for new clothes Walmart is NOT cheaper. Not if you are a clearance/sales shopper anyways. Besides the quality is so much worse that it makes it not worth it to me. I can buy a shirt on clearance at Walmart for $5-$10, or a shirt on clearance at New York & Company, Dillard's, JcPenny's (although there are some green reasons to not shop JcPennys- but that's another post) for $5-$10 and the ones from Walmart without fail will fall apart much sooner and just aren't cut as well to fit for the best look. It makes more since to get the better made ones if you are going to get new. Since the longer it lasts you (or whoever) the less demand there will be for another to be made sooner.

Another trick I have learned is when shopping clearance clothes, if you have a sewing machine or someone close to you who does and will help you out here. If there is a shirt or pants you like and they are on clearance for a great price, but not in your size. Check if they are in a size or two up (never down). It is amazingly simple to take clothes in. The same with too long pants, if you are a petite or regular and there's none but there are some in your size regular or long, then buy them hem them, so easy (I do this by hand all the time, and with a sewing machine it's a flash to do it).

So share your own clearance, thrift and second hand store finds! I love hearing about great deals!!!

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