Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Saving Green While Decorating for the Holidays

I am always AMAZED at the cost of holiday decorations, even at mass merchandise stores. I've found a great way to be greener while saving green during the holidays is to shop second hand and use Mother Nature's gifts to us as well for those decorations instead.

Some second hand finds are ready as they are, some need a little sprucing. Sometimes you can make great decorations out of things you already have, especially those gifts you've gotten that you never thought you'd use. It's much easier then some realise to get great, nice looking decorations to suit you tastes & style, at literally basement bargain prices.

Here's some examples from my home.

A Holiday Classic

The nutcracker is a classic holiday decoration and always a sure thing, in my opinion.

I found this nutcracker second hand at a thrift store for $1.

Besides the great price for the perfect shape this piece is in, I really fell for the concept of the chef nutcracker. I thought making a nutcracker (which is technically a food utensil) a chef was so much more appropriate then the soldiers you always see.

I just LOVE it.

I like to connect themes so this Chef is in his element standing by the message board on my kitchen counter.

An Easy Touch

One of the easiest ways to spruce up a sofa is to toss on a throw.

This snowman fleece was a Christmas gift last year from my mother-in-law.

Similar themed blankets can be found low cost at second hand stores and for especially good prices in the summer at yard sales.

A Modern Find

I have goggled similar looking decorative 'berry trees' in stores for $20 and up. I think these just look fantastic.

I have even toyed with the idea of making one, which I probably would have if I hadn't found this one. You wouldn't need much to do it, and none of it expensive.

This particular berry tree was found at a second hand for $1.

It looked as though someone had dropped it on it's top. Fixing this was easy, I just rearranged some of the 'berries' from around the rest of it to cover the missing pieces on the top.

It looks fabulous and you can't even tell it was ever damaged!

A Natural Centerpiece

Many of us have gotten gifts for something or other that we don't feel like we can give away, but have no idea what we would ever use them for.

This punch bowl was one of those gifts for my family. My husband and I got it as a wedding gift from close friends. While a beautiful gift, we have not yet had call to use it, until now.

When I added some gifts from Mother Earth to it the result was a wonderful, and free, centerpiece.

I also sprinkled some Cinnamon, ginger and clove into the mix and have a great smelling homemade holiday potpourri.

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