Friday, December 12, 2008

Buy Used Electronics From Cowboom = Saving Green More Then One Way

Being Green Saves Green Once Again!

So we've resisted the wish for a Wii for a while now. There was just no justification to get it, we already had a game system. No our games system didn't have nearly as cool of technology and Tristian couldn't play it yet, so family fun was out. But there was no reason to spend the money just to have the best technology- even if it was really cool ;-) Then the game system went cupput and I started looking at just how much a Wii costs.

Man did they cost too. I started looking early in the fall when the only place you could find Wiis was online for $300-$400+ even for used and the $250 in store was really out of our price range then, no way could be that and half again. Although looking that early did let me start to put a little hear and a little there over to the side, which was a good idea too when you are contemplating a major purchase. It's always best to save up for the purchase and pay in cash instead of putting it on a card, or at least pay something in cash if you are going to get it anyways and going to put some on the card. The less on the card the better.

I finally found a decent price online, had used Wiis of varying parts and working for from $150 to $200, depending on the shape they are in and what's still in the package. My suggestion is that you wait it out if you use this site. They are an auction site but also have a store function where you buy from them. We bided our time until one of the Wiis that came up still included all the pieces that come when it's new (except the batteries- but we figured we could spring for the AAs) for $186. After tax and shipping I think we paid $217 in all. So we spent more then $50 less then if we had bought one new in the store (after tax would have been just over $272 in my state).

Plus we saved more green then just money. This goes back to RRR. You all know how big I am on buying used, but it's very true. $50 is a lot of money to a lot of people right now, especially right now in this economy. So that's nothing to sneeze at. But we also practiced being green by buying used and creating less demand for a new product to be manufactured. We also supported a more local (within our country) business instead of feeding more money into another country. The store we bought from is based in Irvine, CA.

I also can personally recommend this company if you do have an issue with the product shipped to you. Our package got mixed up with someone elses. We still got a Wii, but it did not have everything in it our listing had, and had some stuff ours didn't (those AAs). Now I have dealt with stores before were something like this happened and as long as you got a similar product they would just tell you tough luck. I was worried that would be the case here. My fears were, pleasantly, misplaced. I emailed cowboom's customer service and told them I thought there had been a package mix up and what we had gotten and what we were missing. A very nice individual Matthew responded and was wonderfully polite. He asked for varification on what we didn't recieve and then immediately sent in through to Dealtree's Shipping Department (I believe their site may either be set up through or use Dealtree) and we got the rest of our shipping just a week later from my last correspondance confirming what was missing (today) which may seem like a long time, but remember it's holiday season. It seems more and more lately with the economy customer service is the last thing companies care about, especially when fixing a problem is at their expense. So, I was extrememly impressed and pleased at how this was handled.

We have been using our wii for a week now and have absolutely no complaints. As with so many things this used product is functioning no different then the ones our friends and family have gotten new.

We also got the Wii Fit + Balance Board Bundle. Not used unfortunately, but it's got it's own green points, which I'll go over in my next blog.

If you are looking for electronics and just can't afford them new, I really suggest looking at a cowboom or a similar site. Saving green is a wonderful feeling!

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