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Horizon Milk- NOT really ORGANIC? and Dean Foods CORRUPT?

This is an informative only, heads-up "don't waste your money" sort of blog. I know I rarely post these sort of blogs, but I think it's important that consumers are not mislead, I truly abhor deception from companies like this.

I saw the horizon milk come up again on my feed for reviews on (wonderful site btw) and so I clicked. I was really appalled at the ratings this product is getting. the average rating for this completely curropt and non eco company and product is a 4 (5 is the greenest) probably only brought down from the five by my half score rating.

I did add this to the wiki for horizon at the bottom of them page, but I felt like spreading the message a bit in case others on here didn't know.

This company and product is well known for not being organic, for deception, and in my own opinion they possibly have bribed their way to getting and keeping the usda organic lable. How else do explain things like this-

Cornucopia, WI ­ - The Cornucopia Institute sharply criticized the conclusion by USDA that an 8000-head factory dairy in Idaho was operating within the federal organic standards. Cornucopia had requested an investigation based on its site visit to the giant industrial-scale dairy, owned by Dean Foods, and the gathering of evidence from other industry professionals with first-hand knowledge of the operation.

The USDA informed Cornucopia today that it had closed its investigation into Dean Foods' Horizon dairy in Paul, Idaho and another corporate-owned facility in Kennedyville, Maryland. The USDA investigation was in response to a formal legal complaint filed by Cornucopia in 2006.

"We know from our visit to the Idaho facility that they had no functional pasture meeting legal requirements and were unable to graze their huge dairy herd," said Mark Kastel, codirector of the Wisconsin-based Cornucopia Institute. Cornucopia's legal complaint included interviews with the veterinarian and with livestock professionals associated with Horizon's Maryland dairy indicating that they were not pasturing the animals there, either. ... read more-

Here's the info I added for the wiki:

Horizon Organic Milk Product Wiki

Related Media/Links:

Horizon Organic Milk is Not so "Organic" After All

Horizon and their sister company Aurora Organics have been cutting corners by not following true organic standards. They continue to produce milk under factory-farm conditions which are against organic regulations. Also, instead of buying organically raised calves, they purchase calves born and raised on conventional farms.

These so called organic cows are being fed a diet of genetically modified grains, slaughterhouse waste (ground up pigs, chickens, dogs and cats) and chicken manure. It is too expensive to wean a baby calve on milk, so they have switched to weaning them on the blood of other animals.

This has ultimately led to the Organic Consumers Association to call for a boycott against Horizon and Aurora Organics. This is monumental because they have never called for a boycott on any other product in the past.
..... click link to read more-

Horizon milk, Wild Oats named in consumer boycott of "false" organic products

(NaturalNews) The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) recently added five additional brands to its three-month boycott of "fake" organic products it says are knowingly mislabeled as "USDA organic."
In April 2006, the OCA launched a boycott against two big-name distributors of organic dairy products -- Horizon and Aurora -- claiming, "All of Aurora's and much or Horizon's 'organic' milk is coming from factory farm feedlots where the cows have been brought in from conventional farms and have little or no access to pasture." Since April, the OCA says thousands of consumers, natural food stores and co-ops have joined the boycott.
..... click link to read more-

Horizon Organic Parent Corporation, Dean Foods, Sued for Alleged Price Fixing

From Sustainable Food News

A group of small dairy farmers in the southeast U.S. have filed a lawsuit against Dean Foods Co., the largest milk distributor in the country, accusing the company of price fixing.
..... click link to read more-

There is so much more where these came from, do your own search and be prepared to be appalled.

Known Issues:
I guess the fact that it's not really organic and corrupt would go here as a 'known issues"? Dean Foods is labled as "Ethically Deficient" by well known and established The Cornucopia Institute. (

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