Monday, April 13, 2009

Homemade Babylegs

This is an amazing concept I have fell in love with and wanted to share. BABYLEGS!

These wonderful leggins keep baby's legs warm and let you change baby's diapers without having to take pants off and put them back on. So wonderful whether you have a squirmy newborn, or a toddler on the go.

Alas, no sooner had I discovered this conept then I also discovered the expense of babylegs, at an average of $15 a pair! So I went to search on finding some cheaper used ones and came across some adorably cute babylegs another mama had made from tube socks!!! What a fabulous idea!!!

You can find cute socks (tube socks, slipper socks and knee highs all work) for $1-$5 at stores and depending on the sock you cut off an area and hem it up and you have some adorable, and cost effective babylegs! For knee highs cut them off at the heel, for tube and slipper socks just cut straight across the toes area at the very bottom of the sock. Hem the area you cut off and put your new babylegs on your little one so the hemmed area is around their ankle and the stretchy band holds the sock in place above their thigh close to the hip joint.

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