Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Tips- Be Your Own Florist & Save

Todays thursday tip might look familiar to those of you from tips to better living or other forums I am active on :) But you can save a TON of money by doing your own flowers.

Because I was doing so much other things for my wedding I decided to use fake flowers. I bought ours at Michaels during a half off sale so I could afford the real looking ones. Foam fake flowers especially look very real, nobody had any idea that my flowers were fake. It was much easier then you would think and since I used fake I had plenty of time for trial and error. I got most of the ideas off the internet and would just play with it until I got something that I liked. I can't stress just how easy this was. It's not as hard as many think.

Plus fake flowers can be passed on and reused. I gave most the flowers used in my wedding to my best friends grandmother who makes great decorative pieces using fake flowers and other things.
I didn't get great pictures of all of the floral but I will post enough to give you an idea.

These were the crosages. they were pin on corsages:

Here was one of the crosages on a bridesmaid:

This was one of the boutineers:

This was one of the bridemaid's bouquets:

this was the miniture bride's bouquet, she wanted a bow so we added a bow to it before the ceremony ;-)

This was my bouquet:

This is another of my bouquet so you can see it in the light and my wrist corsage

This was the toss bouquet (caught my brother's then gf now fiance, who was wearing a purple dress so this was fabulous all around)

We got so many compliments on all the flowers. Including my engaged cousin and my husband's best man's fiance asking me what florist I used so they could go to them too. They were shocked when I said I did them myself. I've also since been asked to do bouquets for another friend that was at my wedding that recently got engaged, so you don't have to be a professional to do your own flowers :)

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