Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dyeing Eggs Naturally ~with onions, leaves & flowers~

This was so amazingly easy I am shocked that this isn't the norm for everyone. This was much easier then I remember those easter egg dye kits being to use and make the colors stay.

You need is some flowers, leaves, onion skins, string of some sort if desired, some rag fabric, 2 bowls (one to put the onion skins in and one to cool the eggs in), and a pot to boil the eggs in.

We don't have any flowers right now :( so I had dh pick some up that were on sale on his way home yesterday. I will know next year to seed some early inside to use for this.

Once you have everything you need pu the onion skins in a bowl of water to wet them down. It makes wrapping the eggs in them much easier.

Then take an egg and add some leaves &/or flowers to it. You can do this by wrapping string around it, or wrapping the netting from the onion bags around them. Both work fine, but I really liked the way you can position things more randomly with the netting and the added bit of pattern the netting gives the final product.

Next you just wrap the onion skins around the egg, then wrap the whole thing up in a peice of rag.

After that you boil the egg but not like normal where once it reaches a boil you take it out and let it sit. We tried that numerous times and the colors just don't come off as strong. We ended up finding the most success by letting them boil for 20-30 minutes before taking them out and placing them in a cool bowl of water.

 we let them sit and cool for 5-10 minutes, then carefully unwrapped the egg and set them out to dry. Be careful because some of the color from the flowers or leaves is still wet and will smudge or wipe off.
That's it! You now how beautiful naturally dyed eggs!
-the colors of ome of these are a little mutted from the real thing, cause I was taking the pictures at night and the flash was making them look all white, so I was taking them without flash, which gave them a strong yellow hue. But you get the idea :)

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