Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Tips- It Never Hurts To Ask/Making A Deal

Today's thursday tip and example was posted in January originally on the blog, but I hadn't been seriously blogging at the time, so I wanted to repost it now that I was in the grove of things more, as it's a wonderful tip to know.

I was reminded in January of an age old wisdom that is so true when it comes to getting deals on things. IT NEVER HURTS TO ASK. Got you eye on something but not willing to pay the price for whatever reason? Offer them a lower price.

This is especially true with small businesses but can be true in mainstream business also. I don't know how many times wen I was the assistant manager of general merchandise at chain grocery store I would take a lower offer for an item. You never know when the item you are offering for has the managers looking at it going, "Are we going to have to toss you down the compactor to get rid of you?" lol, but seriously. It never hurts to ask and see. Worse case senario is they say, "no" and you don't get it anyways, best case you walk away with the item at a great price and both sides get what they want.

Some tips:

  • Business is Business: DON'T feel bad about haggling for a lower price. They can and will say no if it's not worth it to them. If they say yes or haggle back and you say yes you both end up happy.
  • Be prepared to walk away: DON'T say yes when they haggle back just because it's a better deal then the first price unless it is a price you are absolutely comfortable with. Know your top price before you start haggling and DON'T go over it.
  • Start low: Try to start with a price that you think might be fair, but is lower then your top price, this leaves room for haggling.
  • Be Polite & Thankful: I can't stress this enough. Even if they are snotty to you, stay polite and thankful. The nicer you are the more inclined they are and the better chance of you walking away with a great deal. The idea is to make them feel good about giving you the deal.
  • Be Honest: There is no harm in being honest about your funds or why you don't want to pay more, especially if you come to a stand still. If they they want $23 and all you have left in the budget is $20.50 tell them. Say something like, "I normally would take it for $23, but I only have $20.50 left to spend."
  • Avoid Sob Stories: Don't go into why there's only $20.50 left. A sob story in many cases may just have the opposit effect you are wanting that it makes them feel pressured. On top of that there is no reason to make them feel bad if they honestly can't afford to go any lower.
  • I'm sure there are more great tips I'm not thinking about, share yours below!

My example story that sparked this blog.

I was going to buy this diaper set from Cushie Tooshies-, when she first made them, but after talking over the measurements with her I wasn't sure it would fit my son's big butt. ;-) Or if it did he would probably be out of it soon. So I decided to pass, even though it is so freaking cute. On top Tristian's room is all in train & thomas the train themed. So this would be so cute to see him running around in his room in a thomas the train diaper.

I noticed she still had one left days later marked down to $9ppd and I offered to pay $6ppd if it was still around after a bit and she was getting where she just wanted to get rid of it, but I didn't want to pay more for it when we weren't sure it would fit him. I figured she was say no way, but it never hurts to ask. ;-)

Well, she told me the next morning I could take it off her hands for shipping only, which I just sent immediately :) I was so stoked about it and it did fit him for a little bit, so that was great! It was one of my "You know you're a mom when..." you get excited about a diaper- moments.

Here's pics of Tristian in the diaper & bib set from Kristy at Cooshie Tooshies-

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