Thursday, May 21, 2009

Green Living Interview

I did a written interview a bit ago and I thought I would share my answers to it here as it's a discussion near and dear to me as a 'Green Mama' :) I am hoping that some of you would share your answers here also. Obviously not all of you have small children right now, so just share what you did do, would have done, or will do :)

1. What kinds of toys do you buy? Are a lot of them plastic or do you stick to mostly wood?

We have a mix of both, but most of our toys are from family and friends so there hasn't really been an issue of what do we personally buy for him. I think the only toys we have bought for him so far are a set of wooden trains and a set of Thomas the train, so both plastic and wood ;-)

2. How do you recycle plastic toddler toys? What do you do with the things that your child has outgrown?

This one is easy, pass them on to another little one :)

3. What about plastic toys that are broken, dirty or in such bad shape that you can't resell or pass them along? What's a green way of throwing them out?

Some of these can be recycled so we just do a little research, easy to do on the internet and handle them appropriately from there. we've only ran into this issue with plastic breaking, any other toys can mostly be fixed.

4. Little ones can be mess-mongers. How do you avoid using rolls and rolls of paper towels to clean up spills and runny noses etc? Tell us how you cut down on paper use in your family ...

This one's easy too, just use cloth towels or rags instead of paper, hankies instead of tissue.

5. Children have a tendency to require lots of water, too -- for baths, laundry, etc. Do you take any steps to monitor water use?

Tristian has eczema, so he only gets a bath about once a week unless dirty, and that's normally only an inch or two in the tub because he likes to lay on his belly in the tub to play, so water use isn't a big issue there. His wash for laundry just gets thrown in with our existing loads, his clothes are so small right now between outfits and diapers we probably only have an extra load a week if that on top of what we use to. So water use isn't really an issue for us that needs to be monitored.

6. How do you start teaching your little one to respect the earth? What are the very first, initial steps to growing a green child?

Going on walks, talking to them about it, making recycling a game (they catch on faster then you would think) and etc... Toddlers understand a lot more then I think most adults give them credit for because they aren't very good and making us understand what they are saying, but that doesn't mean they don't understand what we are saying. I have been shocked time and again by seeing that my son completely understands me and my husband, even sometimes when we really thought the conversation was over his head. Actions may speak louder then words, but actions and words together can really get the message to a little one, so we explain everything, and lot of what we do has green reasons, so he picks those us too.

7. How do you get your child excited about recycling and composting? Are there any games you play to get them interested?

You can make anything a game for toddler :) If you smile and clap and act excited about it then it is exciting to them. So we get real excited anytime we put something in the right bin or bag and we clap and cheer if Tristian does it. It became a favorite activity quickly.

8. Tell me a little about your little one!

He's a doll :) His name is Tristian and he'll be two on June 8th. He's got severe infant onset asthma so keeping toxins out of our lives took on a whole new quality of life meaning for us. He's been cloth diapered since he was eleven months old because of the link to higher percentage occurrence and severity of asthma in disposable diapered infants and children and he loves getting to pick out he 'pictures' he wants to wear. He loves to read, new books or an extra story read are our most effective form of incentive and discipline for him behaving, and he loves just as much to sit and 'read' a book to you. He's just a super sweet goofy little boy and the love of our lives.

9. What do you feel is the most important thing that all moms have to do to ensure the world will be a better place for their children?

Just whatever they can. There's never a cut and dry answer to questions like this. Everyone can contribute a different way and everyone has different priorities. The most important thing to do is to not do nothing.

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