Monday, June 1, 2009

Make Soothing Baby Wipe Solution Yourself!

Per usual with me amounts are approximate. That's the beauty of making your own is tweaking it to suit your situation :)

I use an old wipes box and put about a cup or two of warm water in it, then add 2-3 ounces of coconut oil (gentle on sensitive skin, skin softener, soothes skin, gentle cleanser and effective against rashes), an ounce of vegetable glycerin (natural skin protectant, emoliant and preservative), about five drops of vitamen e oil (good for skin, natural preservative) and a couple drops each of rosemary (promotes healing, soothes skin, anti-microbial properties and great for sensitive skin) and tea tree (anti-microbial props) essential oils.

I just use cloth wipes with this solultion, you can fill up the whole container and it has never molded with me before being used.

If you notice my solution does not contain any soap at all. Everything in it is meant to soothe my son's sensitive skin and make sure there is nothing left that can damage or bother his skin and help heal any damage that might be starting. He has eczema and will break out at the drop of a dime if anything harsh is put on his skin, that's why I developed this recipe and why it doesn't work for us to just use water, like I know many mamas do instead of wipe solution. You can adjust the amount of water you put in it to be more or less based on preference though and what suits your little one.

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