Tuesday, August 25, 2009

+100pc 3T Name-Brand Fall/Winter Wardrobe $50 Thrift!!!

This is a remember to shop thrift post. Look what we got for $50!


My son recently switched up sizes on me, from 2t to 3t; so we went thrift hunting this weekend- and boy did we make out like bandits! We got a fall/winter wardrobe of more then 100 pieces, all in GREAT wearable condition, some even still had tags, many of these are name brand clothes, although there are some Walmart and Target brands too- but all for $50 total by shopping thrift!

Here's the shopping and cost breakdown: We went to a Children's Orchard stuff a bag for $7 sale, where I averaged 13 items a bag in 4 bags (just under 54¢ an item for 52 items) plus 4 sleep outfits for $1 each outfit (50¢ an item for 8 items) then we went to 2 different Salvation Army's half off kids clothes school sale and bought 27 items for $8.50 total (~31.5¢ an item for 27 items). Then we stopped at a few yard sales on the way to the park, then on the way home for ~35¢ an item for another couple dozen items. Total we spent just around $50 (sans a few cents) for the day.

Here's pics of what we got and the brands breakdown:

Long Sleeves: dirt camo is John Deere, maroon train is Gymboree, orange is Children's Place, blue and yellow is Nike, red and grey truck is Gymboree, grey snowboard is Old Navy, maroon is Indy Knit, orange and grey is Baby Gap, red and blue stripe is Baby Gap, blue and grey is Class Club, orange and blue bull dog is Athletic Works, blue turtleneck is Baby Gap, maroon stripe is Children's Place, red stripe is Baby Gap, and the red collared is Arizona Jean Co.

Onsies, Vests and Pullover: green onsie is Children's Place, blue onsie is Oshkosh, red collared onsie is Children's Place as is the red turtleneck onsie, blue fleece pullover is Children's Place, dino vest is V.T. Kids, blue stripe vest is Good Lad as is the maroon dog vest.

Cold Outfits: red dress shirt Gymboree, blue plaid dress shirt is Children's Place, blue turtleneck is Okie-Dokie, white pants are McKids, blue cargos are Children's Place, and the tan pants are Oshkosh.

Jeans+: Top left to right; VF Jeanswear Inc, Oshkosh, Children's Place, and VF Jeanswear Inc again :). Bottom left to right; Children's Place, Wrangler, Cherokee, and Gymboree.

Long Pants: Top left to right; Old Navy, Carters, Baby Gap, and Arizona Jean Co. Bottom left to right; Faded Glory, Carhartt, Route 66 Li'l 66, and Oshkosh.

Odds and Ends: The long overalls are Baby Gap, the blue long pants are Gymboree, the green long pants are Disney, the green shorts are Carters- they have a matching shirt in the laundry, the blue and orange shorts have a matching shirt in the laundry and are Athletic Works as are the blue, white and red matching outfit, the Thomas shirts are both Thomas & Friends and both have matching bottoms in the laundry.

Coat and Zip Up Hoodies: Green Coat is Oshkosh, black hoodie is Old Navy, little dozer hoddie (back pictured) is Gymboree, and dino hoodie (back pictured) is Oshkosh.

Warmer Weather: Nemo overalls are Disney, green plaid overalls are Baby Gap, orange tank is Oshkosh, tropical shorts are Garanimals, plaid dress shirt is Oshkosh, blue tank is Carters, green tank is Old Navy, green stripe is Carters, orange stripe is Old Navy, red plaid is Arizona Jean Co, red collar is Oshkosh, yellow stripe is Wonder Kids, surf's up is Children's Place, grey stripe is Old Navy, and blue collar is Gymboree.

Warm Weather Outfits: blue and grey stripe Tshirt w/ grey shorts are both Circo, polo shirt is Ralph Lauren, blue shorts are Christopher Rand, camo bugs shirt is Buster Brown, cargo shorts are Baby Gap, blue stripe shirt is Circo, tan shorts are Baby Gap, green stripe shirt is Baby Gap, blue shorts are Okie-Dokie, red white and blue shirt is Tommy Hilfiger, cargo blue shorts are Gymboree, orange bug shirt is Gymboree, jean shorts are Faded Glory, preserve the future T is 100% Organic Cotton, blue swim shorts are Baby Gap, and he had on blue Oshkosh shorts today with a Gymboree Tshirt.

Sleepwear: Cars shorts and Tshirt (and the only short sleeve/shorts jammies in this pic) is Disney as is the Cars jammies directly below, blue/maroon train outfit is Sonoma, dino on a bike is Okie-Dokie, yellow/blue fix-it is Gymboree as is the light blue/red firetrucks outfit, camo dinos is Carters, the last on is a full body suit with the legs flipped up and is TKS Basics.

4t: I grabbed these cause they are cute so why not, they'll still be cute when he's in 4t :) The orange and blue is Children's Place and the yellow board outfit is Carters.

So remember to shop thrift and save TONS!

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