Monday, November 9, 2009

Adding Links To Most Helpful Posts To The Main Page

I am going to be adding the links of the most helpful posts to the mainpage so they are easier for everyone to find and come back to :)

These are being added to the side of the page below subscribe and above the favorite blog list.

For now I just have them up, I'll get them organized more prettily soon :)


Tips To Save During the Winter
Saving Green While Decorating for the Holidays
Tips For Paying Less For Gifts
Thrift, Clearance & 2nd Hand Clothes
Saving Money On Products Part 1- Be a Tester
It Never Hurts To Ask/Making A Deal
Saving Money On Products Part 2- Contests
Monthly Budget Breakdown, Tips, Links & Explainations
Beginning Debt Management Tutorial & Tips
Monthly Budget Breakdown, Tips & Explainations
Food Budget- It's ALL About Stock-Piling!
Why I got $100 running shoes for $35!
Real FREE and Cheap Magazine Subscriptions

Make Your Own

Making Your Own Wall Art Saves $$$
Homemade Soap
Be Your Own Florist & Save
Homemade Cleaning Recipes
Make Your Own Eco, Guest & Pocketbook Friendly Wedding/Party Favors
Make Your Own Sunscreen!
Where to Buy Sunscreen Ingredients :)
Make Soothing Baby Wipe Solution Yourself!
Make Your Own Bug Spray :)


Being Green on a Budget ~FREECYCLE~
Swap DVDs and Save TONS!!!
Organic Grocery Deals
Earn REAL Cash For Doing REAL Surveys FREE
Paperback Swap ~Save TONS on Books~


Baby Powder Revealed
Cloth Diapering on a Budget Option One- Prefolds, Pins and Vinyl Covers
The Calm Baby Cookbook- Easy Roasted Chicken & Vegetables
Marinated Beef Wraps ~The Calm Baby Cookbook~
Homemade Babylegs
Waldorf Turkey Sandwiches ~The Calm Baby Cookbook~
Salmon Chowder ~The Calm Baby Cookbook~


Baby Cereal Bread Recipe
Green Chillies & Cheese Wraps Recipe
Shrimp or Crab Cracker Dip
Berry Cake (guest blog)
Produce Storage Tips
Where to Store Fresh Produce


How To No Poo
What? No papertowels?? (guest blog)
Dyeing Eggs Naturally ~with onions, leaves & flowers~
+100pc 3T Name-Brand Fall/Winter Wardrobe $50 Thrift!!!
SELLERS Save BIG By Selling In a Congo
Looking for Homemade or Handcrafted Products?

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This wonderful chapter in my life of discovering the green subculture has (mostly) ended. Living green on a budget has changed from the thrill of discovery to habit. This blog remains in rememberance- with occasionally crossover posting. I hope you join me- the same green mama on a budget, in a new blog celebrating life's daily experiences- LIFE O'KAY Still lots of crafts & crunchiness- with even more sweet family moments.

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