Sunday, November 15, 2009

Upcycled Wool Children's Clothing

EDIT IN- due to much request I have written and drawn out directions for making the upcycled wool longies here-

I don't know about you but I love the look of knit and crochet infant and children's clothing. I also wish I could afford all those beautiful wool longies, soakers and other wool covers that most cloth diapering parents lust after at some time or another.

Unfortunately I can't afford to shell out $30-$100+ for one pair of longies depending on the quality, colors and wool used. I just can't afford that no matter how gorgeous they are! With the cost of wool yarn making your own longies from scratch is cheaper but you are still looking at $15+ for a medium size if you are using the cheaper wool yarn from places like Joanns. if you are buying handspun &/or dyed yarn you'll double that or more!

I've looked at recycled wool longies before as a cheaper option, but I just don't like the looks of them as much. Well, the other day I was thinking, what if insted of making recycled wool longies I made UPCYCLED wool longies? What if I used a mix of old wool from a used sweater and new wool that I knit or crocheted on?

So I decided to try my hand at making upcycled longies that looked just a beautiful and seamless as those expensive handknit ones that I'll never be able to afford (at least not for a long time lol) Here is are the first two I've made, a matching winter snow themed pair.

Measurements unstretched about ~16 inch rise, ~19 inch hip, ~8 inch inseam

They aren't perfect but turned out well beyond my hopes for my first tries! Plus they are SOOO much cheaper then buying them or then making them entirely from scratch.The wool sweater cost $5 from salvation army, the wool yarn, matching thread and other supplies cost another ~$20 from Joanns. From the same supplies and sweater I am also making a soaker and another pair of longies in tris' size (these two are for the next baby and are a size medium) and two matching hats. Although I may have to buy another skien of gray wool yarn.

So probably looking at an end total cost of ~$32 for 2 pairs of medium longies, 1 pair of large longies, 1 large soaker and 2 matching hats! That's around $5.33 an item, for a stash of wool clothing that would have cost me hundreds of dollars bought retail :)

I'll do an update post of the whole set and how much it cost total when I'm done with everything :)

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