Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dangers of Borax

Borax is natural, but that does not mean it is automatically safer for you or for 'the environment' than man-made chemicals. Although plants need boron, too much of it will kill them, so borax can be used as an herbicide. Borax may also be used to kill roaches, ants, and fleas. In fact, it is also toxic to people. Signs of chronic toxic exposure include red and peeling skin, seizures, and kidney failure. Borax is closely related to boric acid and for adults 15-20 grams can be a fatal dose, 5-20g of boric acid can be fatal; less than 5 grams can kill a child or pet. For this reason, borax should not be used around food. More commonly, borax is associated with skin, eye, or respiratory irritation. It is also important to point out that exposure to borax may impair fertility or cause damage to an unborn child. Borax should be kept out of contact with any baby or toddler. Borax should not be used in households when members have respiratory problem like asthma, cystic fibrosis or bronchitis. Borax is a developemental toxin, carcinagen, neurotoxin, endocrine disruptor and linked to other parts of the body/organs (including affects on the brain) as a toxin as well as causing respitory and skin irritation.

It bothers me that there is so much decry over bleach and then borax is seen as safe, when my personal research on the two leads me to feel that bleach is safer then borax to use for both the environment and human health.


I have gotten an influx of comments and emails since posting this (several I have actually tracked back to those with a vested interest in borax) accusing me of all sorts of being wrong. This is what it is though- these are facts I have researched. Several try to say I shouldn't compare borax and boric acid, I don't believe I did- I did however link them, which is completely valid. I have never, to this day, posted anything against anyone that chooses different then I do on what they eat, clean with, or otherwise their personal lifestyle (I would very much appreciate the same courtesy). I am simply sharing my view, choice and research on this topic. Please, as I often encourage, do your own research. Make choices you are comfortable with, and I will do that same. 

Blessings to all.

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