Friday, March 12, 2010

How Mr Rebates Works (in responce to questions)

I got emails in responce to the Yves Rocher 80% off beauty and hygien (and 28¢ reusable shopping bags) asking for clarification on how Mr Rebates works as far as how you know they got your purchase info and how you get your rebate paid to you. So this is for anyone else wondering or who wonders in the future.

Mr. Rebates: You get $5 FREE just for siging up! They have thousands of stores and coupons to choose from! You can choose to be paid either through a check in the mail or directly into your paypal account.

CLICK HERE to check out/join Mr Rebates.

This explaination uses the deal from the post (which tells you how to get 80% off Yves Rocher's beauty and hygien products as well as 28¢ reusable shopping bags) as the example on how Mr Rebates works.

This is just an explaination of how the site works for those who wanted to know. There's not a lot of work or steps involved for you personally to do. Just click through to shop where you were going to anyways and sit back and watch the rebates add up.

Purchase & Confirmation: After you have made your purchase with Yves Rocher (remember you MUST be signed into Mr Rebates and click thorugh from the Mr Rebates site to qualify for the rebate) normally that day or next business day (although sometimes it takes longer) you should recieve an email verifying your purchase and rebate amount from Mr Rebates with Yves Rocher, it should be titled "Rebate Confirmation for Mr. Rebates & Yves Rocher" It will have your purchase amount and rebate amount on it, your accounts current pending and available rebate amounts and a link to your personal account summary page. It basically means you now have a pending rebate.

Pending Rebate: Pending rebates can take up to 90 days to become approved rebates to allow for the possibility of returned merchandise plus allow time for the merchant to pay the rebate. My understanding of how the system works is that Mr Rebates gets a commision from giving the stores business and then Mr Rebates kicks part of that commision forward to the customer as and incentive to use their site. Once you have an approved rebate the amount will be moved from pending rebate on your my summary page to available rebate.

Requesting Payment: Once you have more then $10 in available rebates (which you will be recieving more then that just from the rebate from Yves Rocher, not even counting the extra $5 for signing up, because the 34% is such a high rebate) you can request payment of whichever form you want. Payment form comes in either a check written to you or a deposit directly into your paypal account- your choice. You do this by either clicking on the Request Paypal or Request Check links at the top of your account summary page and proceeding appropriatly.

Hope that helps explain that, feel free to ask any other questions about it, I'll do my best to help :)

CLICK HERE to check out/join Mr Rebates.

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