Monday, May 30, 2011

Challenge: No Unnecessary Spending For 28 Days!!!

My husband and I are going on vacation starting June 18th. We started the challenge on the 21st of may. So there are 4 weeks before that day.

We have been talking for a while about trying to do a spending detox. 21 days of not spending anything that's not absolutely necessary (gas, necessary food, medical). That includes not buying food except necessary items (not just because we want or crave something). We decided lets do it before going on vacation.

I didn't realise til afterwards that Tristian's 4th birthday falls within this time... but that's ok, we can make homemade cake, we already have his present and we can still have a nice birthday without spending money =) We are celebrating all the cousin's bdays on dh's side in july anyways (all four are turning 5 or younger and have a birthday from June 8th- July 16th). So his actual birthday is just an our family thing anyways =)

We are hoping by doing this we can break the consumerist habit we have (even as much as we try not to) and remind ourselves there's so much you can do without money. Not to mention this will help us save a little more before vacation lol. We are also hoping that by getting out of the spending habit we are less likely to unnecessarily blow money on vacation.

we are on day 10 of our no unnecessary spending challenge =) We are doing great! It really hasn't been that hard.

The first few days I found myself still looking at the deal sites and going.... 'can that be considered necessary?' lol, but we've stuck to our challenge and are excited to keep it up for 3 more weeks. I think this is going to kick off our vacation with a great sense of acomplishment! On top of that I am in the middle of a five day work stretch (i'm suppose to be very part time, 1-2 days a week) so the next paycheck is going to be nice lol =)

dh is really getting into it. he needs new work shoes and wants to wait to get them til after this..... i tried to convince him that replacing work shoes that holes in them (they are the black reebok shape ones with mesh on the sides) is a necessity..... lol seriously though, i don't think those are going to last another 3 weeks!

Anyways... wish us luck =) I'm interested to see if this is easier or harder then dieting lol

credit card VS eating lol =)

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