Monday, June 27, 2011

A Frugal Day Out =)

Dh and I are pretty tight on money right now (his paycheck goes into the account for bills, mine is cashed and goes to gas/groceries/medicine/etc...) =p We had some things we needed to get sunday, plus we had a gift card to Olive Garden so we decided to make it a family day out and do everything and be thrifty about it too =) Total numbers are rounded up for simplicity sake.

First Envelope- Thrift Contents:
$20 paper money
$50 certificate to Children's Orchard (bought for $25)
$75 store credit to Grow Green
Grow Green was closed.
Children's Orchard- we got ideas for bday presents for the cousins party (all the cousins on dh's side have a bday within a couple months in the summer so we throw them the same party, they are all turning 1-5) but they didn't have much in summer clothes out yet for the boys and no tennis shoes for Tris so we didn't buy anything yet.
Next we went to Good Will that is right near that store. We found a yellow puddle jumper (we have a red one for Tris) so Trace has one now too =) and a shirt for dh.
Total Spent On Thrift: $5

Second Envelope- World Harvest Contents:
$5 paper money
$20 gift certificate (bought for $10)
This is a really special treat for us. We love the food they have here, but it's usually far out of our price range. I was stoked to get the certificate for half off. Bought 1lb each of imported French Feta and 1lb Imported Greek Feta cheese. Pita Bread and some spices. Overall cost was $23
Total Spent On World Harvest: $13 (including $10 cost of gift certificate)

Third Envelope Up- Target Contents:
$5 paper money
2x $25 Gift Card
Shopping list for: Shaving cream, razors, cat food, dish detergent, toilet paper, gum, q-tips, and toothbrushes. Total cost was $53 Got a deal on the cat food, 2 bags purina complete cat food for $11.99 each gets a $5 gift card.
Total Spent On Target: $3 plus a new $5 gift card

Then we went over to parents for a little bit and let Tristian play with his cousin Rory while Baby Trace and cousin Baby Henry got to see Mimi and Papa.

Fourth Envelope Up- Olive Garden Contents:
$20 paper money
$25 gift card
Besides the customary free bread sticks we got mac n cheese w/ juice for Tris, dh and I both got water and the create your own pizza with soup for him and salad for me. $30 even after tax plus $7 tip.
Total Spent On Olive Garden: $12

Fifth Envelope Up- HyVee Contents:
$5 paper money
$10 gift card
Got green cabbage, corn starch, sausages (on sale 25¢ a pound), water jug refills. Overall cost: $10
Total Spent On HyVee: $0

End Total Spent For Our FRUGAL DAY OUT: $33 =)

We were pretty proud of ourselves =)
Anyone else had any good frugal moments lately- or just nice days out?

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