Friday, June 17, 2011

Vacationing On A Budget =)

As of tomorrow we will officially be on vacation!
(don't worry- normal mon, wed and fri posts are set to go)

Super exciting =)

This will be my husband's and my first real vacation. We've just never been able to afford one. We didn't even do a honeymoon because of lack of funds. Last year despite (or perhaps because of) being pregnant I stubbornly decided... no more, we would find a way to do a vacation.

We decided on going to Branson, MO (we are outside of Columbia, MO so not too far away) and Silver Dollar City there.

So we started saving, we paid for the rooms almost a year ahead of time (7/8/10) once we had the money (no backing out now lol). I shopped around and found a deal our thrifty selves could live with (both price and accommodation wise).

Then I opened a capital one money market checking account and started transferring small amounts of money in every paycheck. We now have a little over $300 in that account (saving just over $30 a month). Not a ton, but more then enough to pay for gas to Branson and tickets to Silver Dollar City (found a two day passes for the price of one deal).

We are also taking $50 cash for things in the park. That's comes from some of the money that was saved during this last month's shopping detox =)
We've saved $100 in Target gift cards we've gotten doing random promotions throughout the year (from target deals or incentives elsewhere, or as gifts) those will go to use buying forgotten toiletries/items plus food and drink to take to the park.

On top of that, if you remember my post about buying all our holiday presents by July and getting the $20 in Shop Etc mall gift cards? Well I noticed there was an American Express symbol on them. I called and found out they do not have to be used at the mall, they can be used anywhere that takes American Express. So I am taking those along as well for 'just in case'.

And that's not all..... =p

When my best friend's awesome mama found out we were going to Branson she gave us a certificate she had for two free tickets to The Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Theatre. It expires Oct 2011 and they aren't planning to go to Branson this year so it was just going to be unused.

I can't wait!

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