Friday, July 8, 2011

Celebrating Birthdays At the Zoo =)

 So all 4 of the cousins on my husband's side of the family have birthday's within less then a month and a half of each other from June 8th to July 16th. Their oldest turning 5, my oldest son 4, their baby turning 3 and my baby will be 1.

My sister in law and I were talking at the last family get together and decided that it would be much easier on the family (and us) if they only had to find a way to come to one party rather then 4. Then we thought.... why a party? Why not a fun get together somewhere in a place that is an average distance from everyone (we are all spread out through Missouri and Illinois) and is a fun place to be. We settled on somewhere in St. Louis.

First we thought the Magic House..... but a glance at prices there quickly squashed that idea.

However, last year for Tristian's birthday we went to the zoo with an open invitation to whoever wanted to join us (no presents needed thank you) everyone who came had a blast. Entrance to the zoo is free and safari passes (that include admission to the sea lion show, rides on the train, carousel, admission to the petting zoo and few things more) are only $10 each if you decide to get them.

We figured those that normally came (since neither of us live in the town where most our husband's family does) would all save money on only having to do one trip and we would be saving money by combining 4 parties into one day and making it a fun family trip day too for the summer and no presents needed please (I swear our toys procreate anyways).

The big day is tomorrow. We are going to have TONS of fun. I'll make sure to post some of the pics next week =)

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