Monday, July 18, 2011

Need Boxes For Moving? Storage? Whatever?

I see this a lot. Someone moving and buying boxes.... or posting on craigslist or freecycle asking for or where to get cheap boxes.

You can almost always get FREE boxes. (I only say almost cause I'm sure somewhere this isn't the case, I just don't know about the place).

Go to your local grocery store (well, probably any store really that does volume in sales) and ask for boxes. Take a piece of paper or index card with your name, number, rough size of box preference (if applicable), when you will be back to get them and how many you want. Leave it with customer service, a backroom manager or nightstock manager. Then come back at that time! (or the boxes will have long since hit the compactor).

Most stores are more then happy to throw some boxes in a cart rather then the compactor for a customer who asks nicely =)

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