Monday, April 1, 2013

Crossover Creations: Keepsake Box Craft

This craft is a little time consuming, but is not hard at all. My out of pocket cost on this was $1 per box since the Mod Podge was the only thing I had to buy for it. You could do this very cheaply by using dollar store wrapping paper if you don't have decorative paper on hand. The cigar boxes can be gotten free from your local grocery store that sells cigars. Just call and ask if they have any when you're going to be shopping and if they could set a few aside for you. I got ours from HyVee. 

For this craft you're going to need:

Empty cigar boxes, Mod Podge, a paint brush, some sort of decorative paper (scrapbook, wrapping, etc), scissors, and a something to mark cuts with.

I used most of a 16oz Mod Podge bottle making 9 boxes. So if you are making several go with the 16oz bottle.

*UPDATE* The edges of the lids like to stick to the box at first. If you lay an oversized piece of wax paper under the closed lid overnight it stops this happening again. I think the wax rubs off and gets rid of the stickiness.

First step is to wrap the box. Cut out the paper in to appropriate size pieces to glue to the box.

Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge on the boxes before laying the pieces over top. If you put too thick a layer of Mod Podge you'll get wrinkles and bubbles form it, you need just enough for a secure hold.

After you have the box wrapped make sure to put a layer or two of Mod Podge over top any paper. This helps waterproof it to protect it from accident and makes the finished product more durable in general. I did not paper over wood where it was on the bottom of the inside of some of the boxes (because I though it looked nicer to leave it), but did put Mod Podge over the wood.

You have to carefully let each side of the lid dry with the Mod Podge before doing the other, so that you don't end up with the Mod Podge sticking to itself and stripping any of the paper off.

Be forewarned... this craft gets pretty messy pretty quick. 

The finished result is well worth the clean up, though!

The green box is Tristian's and the orange and brown on is Trace's. The rest of them are going to be given with with hair bows and hats in them for our nieces and the little girls in our lives =)

This evening you'll be able to see one of the hats modeled by Trace on today's Grateful For post =)

I think this one is my favorite of them all.

Closely followed by this one.

Even if you had to buy EVERYTHING that needs buying to do this I think the cost is still under $2 a box. Maybe $2 for two kinds of wrapping paper that will cover lots of boxes. $9 for the Mod Podge. $1 at the dollar store for a paint brush. The cigar boxes are free from your local cigar selling grocery store. Scissors for $1 at the dollar store. Pens or pencils for $1 at the dollar store. I used most of the 16 Mod Podge for 9 boxes, know I could have done at least one more. So lets say $14 to get everything you need to make ten boxes. That's $1.40 a box plus your time and effort. 

They are going to look even better filled with goodies =)

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