Monday, November 18, 2013

Crossover Conversation: Dollar Store Elf on the Shelf

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Is EXPENSIVE!!! Holy Shishkabobs, $30 for a small doll and book is not for us. We didn't spend $30 on either of our son's big Christmas toys, I think we might have spent $30 on both their big gifts combined. Let me think...

Tristian First: We just bought Tristian's request last week, or two weeks ago since it's Sunday. A big R/C remote control 1:15 scale Ford truck that was on sale for $18 (40% off) at Toys R Us, plus used that awesome Groupon that was $20 Groupon for $10 (bought a stocking stuffer toy to hit the $20 minimum) so was in the whereabouts of $9.75ish after tax for a $30 retail toy before tax.

Now Trace: Trace's big toy is two actually. A Tonka Chuck Friends Rowdy's Trash Crash Stunt Set (say that ten times fast), $20 retail. We bought ours for $7 on clearance at Toys R Us (this store is very hit and miss for us, but when it's a hit it's a HIT); and also, a Tonka Chuck Friends Fire Station Splash, retails $10, bought for $3 clearance at a grocery store. About $10.85ish after tax for $30 pretax retail. Both boys got $30 worth for their big gifts, for a combined $20.60. We make sure the kids have nice Christmases, we just don't spend more then we have too. We've got medical bills to pay and (hopefully) future adoptions to save for :-)

Back to The Elf on the Shelf. As I said, Holy Shishkabobs. That is an expensive copywrite there. Seriously, good for the people making their fortune off that- they had a wonderful idea. However, there is no way I am paying $9.99 for a 23 minute promotional show (23mins is NOT a movie!) or $30 for a book and a small doll. I will be keeping an eye on clearance after Christmas for sure (will have to be a good clearance!) and I do love the idea. So I hit my trusty go to store. That's right, Dollar Tree ;-) They didn't disappoint me either. Meet Jingles, as named by Tristian. He is our version of The Elf on the Shelf.

Now please, don't get me wrong, if we were much more financially comfortable then we are- I could totally see dropping $30 on an authentic The Elf on the Shelf. Instead I spent $1 on Jingles here and borrowed the dvd from a friend (there are also YouTube videos of the book being read). The kids do absolutely LOVE this game. Tristian isn't really sure if he believes Jingles talks to Santa or if Dad and I move him. We haven't dissuaded him one way or another. Although I nearly brought the whole Santa thing down around us by not thinking before I spoke. We have never told Tristian Santa is real or not. We simply let him draw his own conclusions. After the first morning that Jingles went from the fireplace to the kitchen cabinet Tristian said he thought maybe Dad had moved him before work. I said, "Maybe, maybe he's like Santa." For the third time this post- Holy Shishkabobs! Luckily my darling, literal child thought very hard before saying, "No, Santa's real. I don't know if Jingles is." AHhhh, for a moment I thought I was about to field the Is Santa Real? question much too soon.

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